General Program Class

Mondays, 7:00 - 8:15pm

with Natalia Darialova

Online + In Person

This class is rebroadcast on Tuesday at 11:00am (sold separately)

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How to Let Go of Painful Emotions

In Buddhism, painful emotions are known as ‘delusions’. They are
called this precisely because when we are experiencing them our
perceptions are distorted. Under their influence we see things
incorrectly and act inappropriately. These deluded minds, eg. anger,
desirous attachment, jealousy, and deluded pride, are completely
unreliable states of mind. Don’t trust them! They are guaranteed to
create unhappiness for ourself and others. This is why we need to
learn skillful methods for recognizing them and letting them go.
In this series we will be applying the wisdom gained from the
meditation on the clarity of the mind to learning how to let go of
painful emotions. We will explore some of the key delusions and train
in practical methods for skillfully overcoming them. How much happier
our life will be if we are no longer held captive by these painful

August 8: Freedom from Anger with Natalia Darialova
August 15: Letting Go of Painful Uncontrolled Desire with Natalia Darialova
August 22: Self-confidence vs Insecurity
August 29: How to Let Go Once and For All
September 5: NO CLASS


Our General Program classes include Dharma teachings along with guided meditations
These classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced meditation practitioners
General meditation classes are given as a series, but can also be taken individually
No special clothing is required
For those attending in person, chairs and cushions are supplied
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