General Program Class

Thursdays, 7:00 - 8:30pm

with Ashley Wolverton

In person only

The Power to Change

Who do you wish to be five years from now? Not, where do you wish to be in your career or even “what” do you wish to be? But who do you wish to be? A person who is still susceptible to anger? To anxiety? To unhappiness? Of course not. But do you truly believe it is possible to transcend those painful states of mind and the various events and people and circumstances that seem to cause them? Imagine enjoying an ongoing experience of inner freedom, confidence, mental flexibility and happiness. Isn’t that who you would like to be five years from now?

And so the question: Who do you need to be today in order to make this a reality? If you check, you’ll see that most of the time we just react to situations as they arise. We may have a plan as regards our career or our relationships, but do we have a game plan with respect to our inner life, our inner experience? If we don’t have a vision of who we wish to be it is very possible that we will never become that person. Buddhist teachings give us a clear methodology for bringing about profound change. Learning about these clear steps – known as the Four Powers of Joyful Effort – will give us great confidence in our own ability to bring about that change.

In this series we will explore how to practically apply these four powers to our own life. This is the perfect series with which to begin our new year. If we wish to attain the happy life we long for in these highly uncertain times and to finally become the person we long to be, we need to engage in a process of internal transformation. Buddhist teachings and the practice of meditation enables us to do precisely that.

January 5: A Vision of your Future Self
January 12: Why Change is Possible
January 19: The Power of Wishing
January 26: The Confidence to Change
February 2: Applying Joyful Energy
February 9: How to Flow Like a River


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If you are tired of seeking happiness and not finding it, how about learning to create it yourself? Buddha’s extraordinary teachings on karma are designed to help us do precisely that, create the happiness we long for.

Through understanding the relationship between our actions and our experiences – the essence of karma – we will gain a revolutionary insight into why we experience things in the way that we do, and thus how we can profoundly change our experience for the better.

In this series, through talks, guided meditations and discussions, Ashley will guide us into a deep and practical understanding of Buddha’s teaching on karma. She will highlight how we can immediately apply these insights so that they give us a new, optimistic and joyful perspective on our life.

Everyone welcome!

February 16: Understanding Karma
February 23: How to Create Future (and Present) Happiness
March 2: Creating the Life You Want
March 9: Healing the Past
March 16: Transforming Difficulties
March 23 : Be Fully Present to your Extraordinary Life
March 30: Creating a Treasury of Good Fortune 
April 6: Rejoicing - Quick Path to Happiness
April 13: Making the Most of Precious Life
April 20: Dedication - Creating our Future
April 27: Creating Happiness Each Day 



Our General Program classes include Dharma teachings along with guided meditations
These classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced meditation practitioners
General meditation classes are given as a series, but can also be taken individually
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Chairs and cushions are supplied
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Everyone welcome!

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